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Hand-crafted Just For You

Big Sandy, Montana

Mimi's Mustard and Dip started as a gift made with love for family and friends. With some encouragement and helping hands, our dream of sharing it with the world began!

Jalapenos Fresh Produce

First, we hand-select the finest fresh ingredients.

Prepping The Green Peppers In Approved Kitchen

Next, we prep our selections in an approved kitchen.

Bottling Our Mustard And Safety Tested

We craft our mustard and bottle it so it is shelf stable. Each batch is tested for both safety and quality.

Making Mimis Mustard Read Our Story

The jars are carefully labeled and numbered and our product is finally ready to be enjoyed by you.

Ham And Cheese Sandwich With Mimi Mustard

Ready to enjoy multiple ways like on your next sandwich!

Share The Love With Family

Spread it on. Eat. Share the love. Repeat.

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